E: we@lovearabic.ca | Toll Free: +1 (844) 427-2242
E: we@lovearabic.ca | Toll Free: +1 (844) 427-2242
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Arabic Classes for Beginners

The Arabic classes for beginners are for people who are new to the Arabic language. We've created a unique way for learning Arabic that is fun yet effective in helping you build a strong foundation to start speaking and writing this popular world language. CBC News Toronto has recently described our teaching approach as Arabic 2.0.

What you should expect:
- Once a week meetings. Day(s) of the week will be announced soon.
- Each meeting is 75 minutes: 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm.

We are different because:
- You pay what you can for each meeting.
- We teach in small groups of 1-4 people per meeting.
- No textbooks. Hands on approach to learning.
- Android & iPhone / iPad app for practicing during the week.

What you should expect to learn from Arabic for Beginners:
- Introduction to the Arabic language.
- Learning to read and write the alphabet: Arabic consonants and vowels.
- Learning to read and write numbers.
- Learning most commonly used words.
- Starting to read new words independently.

Location: Centre for Social Innovation - Annex. 720 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5S 2R4.

Testimonials: Find out what other new Arabic learners have said about our classes.

RSVP for the next Arabic for Beginners meeting at our Eventbrite page. 4 spots will be available for each group.

About LoveArabic: We are a social enterprise with a mission to make Arabic culture accessible to everyone in Toronto and to all Canadians! We are not just about organizing community events and selling products, LoveArabic is about bringing people together to build knowledge and empathy towards each other. Find our more about our guiding principles from our About Us page.

Questions, comments or high-fives? Just send us an email or call us: +1.844.427.2242