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Shady Hafez: Life as an Algonquin-Arab in Canada

2017 Algonquin Indigenous Ottawa Syria

A good piece was written about an Anishinabe-Syrian called Shady Hafez on Canada's Muslim Link website.

“I was raised by my Syrian grandparents in a traditional Muslim household, but on weekends, I would stay with my mother in Kitigan Zibi,” he explained. When he visited his mother, her family would take him out hunting and fishing and sometimes he would attend Pow Wow, where First Nations communities gather to dance, sing and socialize.

The Algonquin are one nation amongst several that belong to the Anishinabe language family. “Anishinabe is like saying Arab. Algonquin is like Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, all those different Arab countries. So I speak the Algonquin dialect of Anishinabe,” Shady explained.

Check out the complete interview with Shady Hafez.

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