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National Geographic Tells the Fearless Story of Nujeen Mustafa in this Stunning Ad

2018 Nat Geo Nujeen Mustafa Syria

National Geographic explore the fearless, wheelchair-bound journey of Syrian refugee Nujeen Mustafa in a new ad campaign film. Nujeen has and continues to inspire others to go 'further' in their curiosity, wonder and determination, rather than just in the physical term.

"My name is Nujeen and I was born in Syria with Cerebral Palsy. I couldn't go to school so TV became my classroom. When the war came, my sister and I had to leave. I wasn't supposed to see the bright side of my journey. So I made it an adventure and discovered all sorts of new things. Like boats. Trains and the best hot chocolate I've ever had. I wasn't supposed to make it past Syria or Turkey or Austria. But here I am in a classroom I was never supposed to be in. So imagine how I feel when people tell me I can't be an astronaut."

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