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LoveArabic's Guide to Hot Docs 2017

2017 Events Hot Docs Toronto

Are you looking for Arabic-themed documentaries playing in this year's Hot Docs? We've got your back! We've prepared for you the ultimate list from Hot Docs 2017. We've included the trailer too when we found one. 

Enjoy and don't forget to buy your tickets too!

Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS
MAY 3, 4 and 6. Buy tickets.


The fall of Syria, the rise of ISIS and the alarming role played by the West is powerfully dissected in this hard-hitting, compelling look at the political and social consequences of this ongoing humanitarian catastrophe.

The Workers Cup
APRIL 27, 28 and MAY 7. Buy tickets.

On the backs of 1.6 million migrant workers, Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. But far from the roaring crowds and media spectacle, 24 construction companies compete for glory and the thrill of hoisting the Workers Cup.

My Enemy, My Brother (plus conversation with Ziad).
April 27 and May 1 and 6th. Buy tickets.

By fateful chance, two former enemies from Iran-Iraq War meet in Vancouver 25 years later. Together, no as brothers, they return to their conflict-ridden homelands to reassemble the pieces of their interrupted lives.

69 Minutes of 86 Days
April 29, 30 and May 7. Buy tickets.

From an unfamiliar Greek port to the quiet astreets of Uppsala, Sweden, a brave 3-year-old Syrian refugee makes the long journey through Europe with her family to find comfort and a fresh start in a new home.

A Memory in Khaki

MAY 3, 4 and 7. Buy tickets.

One of the year's most poetic visualizations of the Syrian crisis, this evocative essay weaves together the dreams, memories and terrors of five characters forced into exile. Be immersed in their longing, at once quiet and raging.

House in the Fields
May 1 and 2. Buy tickets.

Deep in Morocco's mountains, in an isolated village at the crossroads of tradition and change, two sisters come of age. While one dreams of becoming a judge, the other must leave school to prepare for her wedding.

In Procedure
MAY 4 and 5. Buy tickets.

Desperate to save his seriously ill daughter, a Syrian father flees his war-torn country for the Netherlands - leaving the rest of his family behind. This powerful observation of the asylum process acutely captures the harrowing limbo of countless refugees. Last Men in Aleppo April 27, 28 and MAY 7 As the Syrian conflict intensifies, residents of Aleppo prepare for a siege, becoming increasingly reliant o the selfless bravery of the White Helmets, a volunteer search-and-rescue group risking lives to save others.

Muhi - Generally Temporary
APRIL 29 and MAY 1. Buy tickets.

A seven-year-old child from Gaza and the son of a wanted Hamas member has spent his entire life confined to an Israeli hospital. Separated from family, he is cared for by his "people's enemy" in this deeply human tug-of-war.

Shingal, Where are you?
APRIL 30 and MAY 1. Buy tickets.

When ISIS conquered a Yazidi city in northern Iraq, roughly 3,000 women and girls were kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery. Now, one broken family desperately tries to secure the return of their daughter from her captors.

Zaineb Hates the Snow
APRIL 28, 29 and MAY 6. Buy tickets.

When her mother remarries and her newly blended family moves to Canada, a 9-year-old Tunisian girl's life takes a profound turn as she struggles to find her place and maintain her Muslim identity in a new land.

The Challenge
APRIL 29, MAY 3 and 5. Buy tickets.

In Qatar's scenic desert, among SUVs and private jets, wealthy Arabs prepare for a falconry competition, an ancient tradition stretching back over 40 centuries that has become a pastime, absurdly at odds with their otherwise ultra-modern indulgences.

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