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Insha Allah - Karim's Favourite Word

2017 Favourite Word Ontario Toronto


Hello, my name is Kareem. I'm from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. And thinking about this, my favourite Arabic word that I've encountered is in 'Insha Allah'. Which is 'God willing' and I think it's because it's such a big sort of important, you know, a huge existential word like God willing, reality is what it is. But the more I sort of been in Arabic context, the more, it seems carefully which is the more liberally I've heard of used and it just kind of adopts the funny nature.

So I was at an interfaith dialogue conference and they were talking about the schedule, and so they would say you know at 2:00 pm, Insha Allah, we'll have the lunch and then Insha Allah at 4:00 [pm] there will be this panel and Insha Allah our keynote speaker at 7:00 [pm]. It felt a bit silly like not serious.

There were two things that I liked about it. One is that conferences are often not on time and this had this sort of like just relax the acceptance of like: Yeah, reality will happen, and maybe it won't be on time or not. And it was just like everything is by the grace of God. So, I'm not a particularly religious person, but it was just such a beautiful sort of framing, I thought of time, and Insha Allah we'll be friends and Insha Allah we'll eat together and Insha Allah the keynote speaker will be at 7:00 [pm].

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